Not going to lie I am a bit of a James Bond fan. I remember being extremely excited to see the trailer for the new James Bond film – Skyfall when it was released. There was one line that really resonated with me in the trailer and it never quite lives up to the delivery in the actual film but sits very well in the short.

Watch it below and if you cannot spare 2 minutes jump to 1:50 to get to the good bit.

James: Everyone needs a hobby.

Big Bad: What’s yours?

James: [slowly looks up] Resurrection.

Da Da Daadaa Dananan….. [insert actual James Bond theme]

What does resurrection have to do with a new you?

Well last year was not great for me, and probably was not your best year either. Does that mean we trudge along into this one? You could. Or you can make the best of what we have in front of us. Stop putting off what we want to get started or put off the things we put on hold last year.


No more excuses, no more waiting until the time is right.

Start NOW!

Take a standing start, not a running leap and collapse after one go, because you over did it. Small bits – easy bits. And build up.

Take 10 minutes to exercise or download that language app to start learning Japanese that you always said you wanted to do.

What ever it is you want to do this year, start it, not big bits, just small. But start.

Personally I try to big to early, and weigh myself down with the commitments or “finding the time.” Firstly make time, and then do a little, then a little bit more. Make it easy. Do not set unreasonable expectations for yourself and then fail to live up to it.

And stop making excuses – make whatever it is you want to do work for you.

The classic one I love is I have to get fit before I do karate. What do you think karate is for??? Start karate, do karate and you will get fitter. Do something you enjoy makes it a whole lot easier.

I don’t have time. Neither do I, but I make time. It’s amazing what you can do when you reorganise your priorities. Family commitments – of course. But if its something you want to do work it out with the family and find a way to make it work.

My [insert body part] is really bad. Yes we are not as young as we used to be, maybe see someone about that [insert body part] and get it fixed. Then work on a program with them and [insert awesome karate instructor] so you can do that thing you always wanted. If I tried really hard I could probably find examples of people that have overcome all sorts of injuries or set backs to get on top of their sport or activity. And all we are talking about is doing some karate, not winning a medal.

In the words of Tim Gunn – Make it work.

I could go on, and do not get me wrong maybe you are not dying to get into karate. That is ok, sort of. Whatever it is that you put off last year – go out there and get started.

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