Unlock the Power of Karate in Your Home Schooling Journey!

Welcome to Kansai Karate Gold Coast, where we are excited to introduce our new Home Schooling Karate Classes tailored to fit your daytime schedule!

Our specially designed program combines the discipline of karate with the flexibility of home schooling, providing a unique and enriching experience for students of all ages.

Introductory Offer – 2 Weeks Unlimited Karate Classes & a FREE Karate Uniform for $39.

Why Choose Kansai Karate Gold Coast Home School Classes?

  1. Flexible Daytime Schedule: Our classes are designed to accommodate home schooling schedules, offering convenient daytime options for learning and practicing karate.
  2. Experienced Instructors: Learn from passionate and experienced karate instructors who are dedicated to helping students achieve their best both physically and mentally.
  3. Overall Development: Karate goes beyond physical fitness; it instills discipline, focus, and resilience. Our program aims to foster development in your child across a range of life skills.
  4. Community Connection: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for martial arts and value the importance of discipline and respect.
  5. Age Specific Classes: All of our Kansai Karate Programs have age specific groups with programs designed to suit the students age and development. We don’t chuck everyone in together. Our Current Programs include – Cubs (Ages 3-4), Little Lions (Ages 5-7), Juniors (Ages 8-12), Teens & Adults (Ages 13+).

Get Start Today – Introductory Offer!

Introductory Offer – 2 Weeks Unlimited Karate Classes & a FREE Karate Uniform for $39.

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Program Details:

  • Location: Kansai Karate Upper Coomera,  Unit 3 / 2 Sierra Place, Upper Coomera. 
  • Duration: 45 Minute Classes
  • Age Group: Little Lions (age 5-7) | Juniors (age 8 – 12) | Teens (ages 13+)
  • * Students will be able to train in our after school classes as well.

Contact information:

Have questions or need more information? Contact us at:

Phone: 0455 833 306

Email: info@kansaikarategoldcoast.com.au

Visit Us: Unit 3 / 2 Sierra Place, Upper Coomera

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Join Kansai Karate Gold Coast in bringing the benefits of karate to your home schooling experience.

Unleash the potential within your child through the perfect blend of education and martial arts!

We have Beginner Karate Programs for:


3 – 4 Years

Little Lions

5 – 7 Years


8 – 12 Years

Teens & Adults

13 Years +

Upper Coomera Studio Timetable

Kansai Karate Gold Coast’s Upper Coomera Studio has separate classes for different age groups with specialised martial arts programs for each class. Age groups and class times outlined below. We teach from our permanent facility at Upper Coomera.

benefits of kansai karate


Nationally Accredited Instructors


Traditional Japanese Karate


Classes Up to 5 Days a Week


Age Specific Classes


No Set Contracts


Air Conditioned Facility

parents have this to say:

My son has been coming since he was 4 years old he’s now 6 he has really struggled with anxiety and it has definitely helped his confidence levels.


Thanks for being awesome! I love your classes they are so good for the kids! Keep up your amazing work! From one teacher to another I know how exhausting it is but I can tell you now you are making such a difference to all these little munchkins lives! So Thank you!!


Sensei Micheal is a great instructor, and his teaching to children of all ages and capability’s, shows his dedication to developing the best karate students.


About Kansai Karate

Kansai Karate Academy was established in 1993 in Queensland and is one of the leading martial arts organisations in the state, operating 5 studios across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Kansai Karate Gold Coast, at Upper Coomera, is the local dojo (school) for the Gold Coast region under the instruction of Sensei Michael Hunt (4th dan black belt). Sensei Michael has over 25 years experience in Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate and trains regularly with Sensei Stephen Kelly (7th dan black belt, Kyoshi) and senior Shukokai instructors from Japan.

Kansai Karate Gold Coast focuses on teaching traditional martial arts in a family-friendly environment, looking to develop well rounded students. With a variety of martial arts programs tailored to differing age groups starting from 3 years of age all the way to adults. We provide a place for our students to learn self defence, build confidence, learn discipline and respect while having fun and improving their fitness and overall well being.

We have a passion for learning and teaching karate.

Introductory Offer – 2 Weeks Unlimited Karate Classes & a FREE Karate Uniform for $39.

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