Karate Queensland held the 2022 State Championship over the weekend (26-27th March) at the Cleveland State District High School. This is the top event on the Karate Queensland calendar with selections for competitors wishing to represent Queensland at the Australian Karate Federation (AKF) national championships later this year.
This year is even more exciting with the National Championships to be held in Rockhampton, Queensland in August. A great opportunity for our athletes to compete with the home state advantage. 
Kansai Karate’s tournament squads have been training diligently over the last few months in preparation for the event. Working on additional training for tournament karate in addition to their regular karate training, as well as helping our developing squad with the tournament training as well.
The Karate Queensland – State Championship was a great event for all of our athletes and we would like to wish congratulations to all of Kansai Karate athletes who competed.
It was also great to have some our up and coming tournament squad members come along and watch this event to get a better understanding of tournament competition and the event venue before joining the competition themselves in the future. 
Myself and Sensei Junko would like to extend our thanks again to all the parents, supporters and our coaches/officials.
Results below.
Braeden M – 🥉Bronze 12-13yrs Male Kyu Kumite
Porscha R – 🥉Bronze 10-11yrs Female Kyu Kumite
Oscar G – 🥇Gold 12-13yrs Male BB Kata | 🥇Gold 12-13yrs Male BB Kumite -45kg
Liam B – 🥉Bronze Cadet Male BB Kata | 🥇Gold Cadet Male BB Kumite | 🥉Bronze Cadet Male BB Kumite Open
Kent O – 🥇Gold Cadet Male BB Kata | 🥈Silver Cadet Male BB Kumite
Jago P – 🥈Silver 12-13yrs Male BB Kata | 🥈Silver 12-13yrs Male BB Kumite -50kg
Karate Queensland is the State Body affilaited to the Austrlaian Karate Federation (AKF) which runs our national karate events and recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Austrlian Instititue of Sport (AIS) and is the only karate body to be recongised by the Federal Government.
In turn the Australian Karate Federation is affilatted to the Oceania Karate Federation (OKF) and the World Karate Federation (WKF) the regional and peak bodies for Karate recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Kansai Karate Academy and Kansai Karate Gold Coast have had a long relationship with sports karate in Australia and both myself and Sensei Stephen holding roles at a Natinoal level.
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