Would you like to help your child perform better academically at school? Even better would you like to do it at no cost to you?

School Study Performance

Some times we can over look the simple things when looking for the right answers. If you want to help your child perform better at school and focus more in class, you have to start the day right. And that means exercise.

Exercise improves blood and oxygen floor, which in turn improves brain function. This makes it easier to focus and take in information. It also helps our little ones sit still for periods of time rather than fidgeting in class. When we exercise the body releases endorphins making us feel good. Would you rather a child feeling good about themselves going out to tackle the day or a Grumpy Gus.?

Here are 5 quick exercises that your child can do to start the day, to give them that extra push to perform better at school.

1. Mountain Climbers

Start with hands and legs on the floor, in push up position. Bring 1 leg up to the chest, keeping the hands in the same position. Alternate legs bringing the other one up to the chest, as the first leg goes back to full extension. Keep alternating legs for 30 seconds. When this becomes easy, extend to 40 seconds, and so on.

2. Squats

Start standing up with feet shoulder width apart. Have the toes pointing straight in front of the body. Bend the knees with the knee over the middle toe of each foot. Bend the knees all the way down til they are parallel with the ground. Raise the arms up as you bend the knees. Do 20 squats and rest. As this becomes easy do 25, and so on.

3. Push Ups

Hands and feet on the ground, lifting the stomach up off the ground. Keep the chest and stomach straight, and bend at the elbows while looking at the floor infront of you. Have your child bend the elbows halfway down and back up, until they build up strength. Make sure the tummy doesn’t move up and down. Do 10 push ups, and rest. As this becomes easier do 15 and so on.

4. Leg Crunches

Lie on the ground, legs out straight with the hands placed underneath the bottom for stability. Lift the feet a small distance off the ground and hold. Bring the knees into the chest and back out again. Keep the feet off the ground until finished. Do 20 leg crunches and rest. As this becomes easy do 25 and so on.

5. Plank

Lie face down on the ground, push the body up on elbows and toes, with the elbows underneath the chest. The back should be flat and parallel with the ground, legs out straight with knees off the ground. Hold this position and do not move, moving is cheating. Watch the child and make sure they do not fidget or adjust the position as this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Hold the position for 1 minute. As this becomes easier try to hold if for longer.


Why not start your day the same way, modelling good behaviours for our children reinforces the lessons you want to instil and encourages them to succeed.

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