Congratulations to Sensei Junko on receiving her 3rd Dan Black Belt! 

During Kansai Karate Academy’s End of Year Awards held at the Sumner Park in December last year Sensei Junko was presented with her 3rd Dan Black Belt certificate in recognition of her black belt grading held earlier in the Year. 

Kansai Karate as a member of the Shitoryu Shukokai Karate Do Union gives our black belts the opportunity to grade for a Shitoryu Shukokai Karate Do Union (SSU) recognised black belt. 

The SSU is a group of karate schools that all practice the style of karate known as Shukokai, taught by Tani Sensei. 

For our Black Belts a Union Dan Grade recognises not only their achievements within Kansai Karate, but Shukokai Karate around Australia and Internationally. As well as maintaining close ties with our karate heritage in Japan. 

The Shitoryu Shukokai Karate Do Union is headquartered in Japan and was formed after the passing of the founder of Shukokai Karate – Sensei Tani.

Stephen Kelly Taishi recently recieved permission to conduct gradings on behalf of the SSU outside Japan from the current SSU President Yazu Hanshi. Kelly Taishi with the constraints of the last twelve months has conducted Dan Gradings in Queensland and Victoria in Australia. 

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