Dojo Ettiquette for Students & Parents

For Students

  • Upon arriving at the dojo please wait in the outdoor waiting area, an instructor will invite you into class. If you are late please enter and let the instructor know.
  • Students are required to wear footwear to and from the dojo.
  • There is to be no jewellery (watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, piercings,
    etc.) worn during training.
  • Bring a drink bottle of water to all classes.
  • Before class please wait quietly in the outdoor seating area
  • Students should walk around the dojo at all times, running and sliding are not permitted.
  • Upon greeting your instructor bow and say “Osu”
  • At the beginning of class, stand at the edge of the mat and perform a standing bow (rei).
  • During class and at any karate event refer to the instructor as Sensei or Sempai.
  • If you arrive late to class, kneel down at the edge of the mat and wait for the instructor to bow you in. Perform a kneeling bow before standing and joining the class.
  • Only enter the dojo mat area in bare feet, shoes or socks are not to be worn on the training floor.
  • Students should keep their uniform clean and pressed, bodies clean, and nails clipped.
  • Students shall be courteous at all times, there should be no swearing or using inappropriate language in the dojo or any karate event.
  • Students shall carry out the instructors directions to the best of their ability at all times.
  • Students leaving before the class is finished must perform a full kneeling bow (rei) at the edge of the mat.
  • Students wishing to leave the mat to get a drink or use the bathroom must ask the instructor for permission.
  • At the end of class students shall line up around the edge of the mat and perform a standing bow (rei).

For Parents

  • Please park on the street and not in the building complex.
  • Assist and advice your child of their responsibilities as a student with the ettiqette listed above. 
  • Please arrive at class before the designated start time for class to allow students get settled and focus, and warm up appropriately. Nominally 5 minutes before the start time.
  • Ensure children wait quietly before class to start or while other classes are on.
  • Children should not be running around at any time while in the dojo.
  • Parents are requested to wait outside the dojo during class time. 1 Parent may accompany a Cub student in their class (no siblings).
  • If you leave the dojo during class time, please return to the building to collect the student. Children will not be allowed to leave the building unattended.
  • Please ensure you collect your child from class at the appointed finish time.
  • Please follow all requests from instructors and other dojo assistants.
  • Ensure students have their grading passport presented at the front desk the week after each grading.
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