We had a great weekend over the 28 + 29th April at the Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate Do Oceania Union competition. This event runs in conjunction with a visit from Kazuo Ishitobi Hanshi, Sensei Stephen’s personal instructor from Japan. Our tournament team had the opportunity to compete alongside other members of the Shito-ryu Shukokai Union as well as other members of the Queensland Karate Association (QKA) invited to join in the competition.

All of our Gold Coast students competed exceptionally we will with many personal bests and great achievements from our tournament squad. Our dojo received in total received 10 Gold Medals, 9 Silver Medals, and 6 Bronze Medals.

With Individual Medal Results as follows:

Jago P
Gold – Kata 10-11 Years Male 6-4th Kyu
Silver – Kumite 10-11 Years Male -34kh
Koby P
Silver – Kumite 8-9 Years Male
Amritha R
Silver – Kata 10-11 Years Female 10-7th Kyu
Bronze – Kumite 10-11 Years Female -35kg
Jett A
Gold – Kata 8-9 Years Male 10 – 7th Kyu
Oscar G
Gold – Kata 8-9 Years Male 3rd Kyu – BB
Gold – Kumite 8-9 Years Male
Henry J
Silver – Kumite 5-7 Years Male
Connor B
Bronze – Kumite 5-7 Years Male
Sophie D
Bronze – Kata 8-9 Years Female 6-4th Kyu
Silver – Kumite 8-9 Years Female
Madison T
Bronze – Kata 12-13 Years Female 10-7th Kyu
Gold – Kumite 12-13 Years Female +39kg
Mitchell T
Bronze – Kata 10-11 Years Male 10-7th Kyu
Tyler G
Silver – Kata 8-9 Years Male 10-7th Kyu
Lachlan P
Gold – Kata 10-11 Years Male 10-7th Kyu
Kent O
Gold – Kata 10-11 Years Male 3rd Kyu – BB
Gold – Kumite 10-11 Year Male +34kg
Jakob H
Gold – Kata 5-7 Years Male
Lisa H
Silver – Kata Veteran Combined 3rd Kyu – BB
Stefanie S
Silver – Kata 14-15 Female 6-4th Kyu
Team Kata Children
Gold – Kent, Oscar, Jakob
Team Kata Adult
Silver – Junko, Lisa, Shinobu
Bronze – Stefanie, Madison
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